We are always fascinated by the story of the people as well as their travels. How it is that they came to be where they are now. What motivated them to hit the road, the high seas or the wild blue yonder.

Our inclination for travel goes right back to when we met…….almost 50 years ago!

Then in his mid twenties Gary had left his engineering job in Cape Town in South Africa and was in Sydney, part way on a trip around the world after a relationship break up. I was in Sydney too studying midwifery after previously qualifying as a registered nurse. I had also set my sights on travel and had started saving.

Thats where fate took a hand. We me, and 6 months later married and set off by ship to complete Gary’s circumnavigation. Around the world by ship! Loved it!

After living for 4 years in South Africa we returned to Australia and almost every year after that we travelled overseas somewhere during our summer break.

Fast forward to today………. we have lived in various states of Australia chasing the bucolic lifestyle and now in our 70’s we reside in the East Gippsland Lakes region of Victoria, a southern state of Australia.

Our full time overseas travel began in December 2010 when we bought a motorhome in England and sallied around the continental countries and North Africa for 20 months.

Hankering for wider open spaces we headed to the USA and got ourselves a 4X4 vehicle with a slide on camper.

With this vehicle we spent 2 1/2 years traversing the US visiting 46 states; 9 provinces in Canada and 3 months in Mexico and other Central American countries.

Not content with that we shipped our rig to Argentina in the spring of 2014 and spent the following 7months on the highways and byways of 6 South American countries.

Our return to Australia from the US in the winter of 2015 with a new caravan in hot pursuit on the high seas heralded the beginning of an 18 month odyssey of the eastern states of Australia.

To render our time on the road much more interesting and purposeful we incorporated retracing the historic Cobb and Co stage coach routes and to following the Murray River from the mouth in South Australia to as close as we could get to the source.

At this stage of our Aussie travel the ‘settling down’ bug started to hit us and as a consequence we have now put roots down once again in Eastern Victoria.

A little further down the track we intend to complete the Murray River journey to its source in the Australian Alps. Other plans include a few special train trips (India and Russia are on the list.),

Other possibilities include Pacific and Asian Islands, and maybe a few International “house-sits” along the way. There are still so many amazing places to see in the world. We have much to do! Let’s get on with it!!!

Please feel free to contact us at gary(at)capepacific.com

Love to hear from you!